My name is Julli and I like books and illustrations

After watching the trailer for If I Stay, I now really want to read it! I’ve always saw it at bookstores, saw it recommended to me on amazon/goodreads, and saw it talked about on YouTube, but I’ve always kind of overlooked it. Now, I gotta read it. It looks so good! lol Like it’ll be sweet and then break my heart. 

Soo, I got a library card today :D 

  • Me: What are we gonna do if there's a spider in the house?
  • Nikka: Vacuum it.
  • Me: But what if it crawls out of the vacuum?
  • Nikka: We'll vacuum it, throw it out, and buy a new one.
  • Me: Oh, duh

I really want to read Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira. T_T But I need to resist the urge to get it because I probably won’t get to it until I finish reading the other like, 5 books I brought this quarter.